How To Buy Bird Nest
Unlike any other products, appearance of the bird’s nest doesn’t guarantee quality. Here are some tips of knowing pure bird’s nest:

The real, pure bird nest color is not real white, but grayish or yellowish.

If there is a white color bird nest in the market, find the one that is thin and pretty clean because a harvester picks the bird nest while it is still young. Thus, be careful to select the real white color one. Some well-knows brands, because they want to sell their products in a big quantity, they pay less attention to the quality.


When bird nest is immersed in the water for about 1-1.5 hour

It should not break up into small pieces, but it will be shredded in a long shape. And the water will remains clear.


When bird nest is cooked for about 40-45 minutes

It expands and becomes soft. However, the smell still remains (bird nest genuine smells).